Quick Setup of Continuous Integration using Hudson

What is Hudson?

Hudson is an open source tool to perform Continuous Integration. The basic functionality of Hudson is to monitor a SCM (Source Control System) and if changes occurs to start and monitor a build system (for example Apache Ant or Maven). Hudson will monitor the whole process and provide reporting functionality and notification functionality to report success or errors.

Download the quick-paper

Best Practices of Dynamic SQL

What is Dynamic SQL?

Dynamic SQL, is a batch of SQL statement(s) that is generated within T-SQL and executed using the EXECUTE (or exec) statement or, preferably, via the sp_executesql system stored procedure

Download the quick-paper

Best Practices – Nesting SQL Stored Procedures

What do you mean by Nested Stored Procedures?

SQL Stored Procedures that are called or executed from within another SQL stored procedure are called Nested Stored procedures. Each time a stored procedure calls another stored procedure (or executes managed code by referencing a common language runtime (CLR) routine, type, or aggregate,) the nesting level is incremented. When the maximum of 32 is exceeded, the transaction is terminated. (SQL 2005)

Download the quick-paper


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