• Software Simualtion : Cellular Monte Carlo Modeling of AlxIn1-xSb/InSb Quantum Well   Transistors

Summary: In this work, an Indium Antimonide (InSb) quantum well transistor
is investigated using full-band Monte Carlo simulations. The steady-state
characteristic of the device is first analyzed, showing particle transport along a
two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). The small-signal behavior of the device
is also investigated. Finally, a noise analysis is performed, allowing for a twodimensional
mapping of the noise within the device.

Entire paper: Simulation

  • Poster on Cellular Monte Carlo Modeling.

Summary: In this “Poster presentation” simulation of quantum well transistors using full-band Monte Carlo simulation is explained.

Entire poster: Poster.

  • Implementation of GOLDSCHMIDT’S ALGORITHM with hardware reduction.

Summary: This paper details the division algorithms have been developed toreduce latency and to improve the efficiency of the processors. Floating point division is considered as a high latency operation. This papers looks into one such division algorithm, examines the hardware block diagram and suggests an alternative path which may be cost effective.

Entire paper: Goldschmidt

  • Instructional Level Parallelism.

Summary: This paper is a review of the developments in Instruction level parallelism. It takes into account all the changes made in speeding up the execution. The various drawbacks and dependencies due to pipelining are discussed and various solutions to overcome them are also incorporated. It goes ahead in the last section to explain where is the new research leading us.

Entire paper: Ilp


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