Passing Parameters in URL to view a SSRS Report

September 26, 2008

I was having issues with passing parameters to SSRS and here is what I learnt.

I hope this helps some one else and saves some time.

Important thing to note here is SSRS has two Report Application Pools

and two report virtual sites (Check Under Default website in Server you will find Reports and ReportServer sites)


 -Reports is the portal (Report Manager).
-ReportServer is the application that is Reporting Services.



When we use Reports the report comes up in SSRS page but no parameters are passed in.


e.g. http://Server/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fReports%2fPrint+Full+USER+Report


Reports Server
Next, when you do this with the Report Server, the report opens up. Note: Parameter is case sensitive to the way it is in the report


e.g. http://Server/ReportServer/?%2fReports%2fPrint+Full+ USR+Report

 Example 1
Report : ErrorStatistics  
Report Parameters: DateFrom, DateTo, SubmissionID, InsCode
Case 1 : No Parameters passed : User needs to enter
Note: In Server we have ErrorStatistics Report in the Reports folder which is denoted by 
Case 2 : With parameters Passed via URL aspx direct all
Case 3 : With parameters Hidden
http://Server/ReportServer/?%2fReports%2fErrorStatistics &rs:Command=Render&DateFrom=08/20/2008
Case 4 : With parameters Hidden and No tool bar
Case 5 : Direct Open Report in PDF
Case 6 : Direct Open Report in Excel
Example 2
Report : Print Full USER Details
Report Parameters: UserID

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  1. Reddy said

    Thanks Taposh..

    Saved me some time..

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